Nelly Harper

Battle for Brigantia           Due for release - 2017

Unsure if Kariss has survived, Martaani forges on with her plans to conquer Brigantia.  Using key allies, hidden troops and a secure stronghold in the neighbouring Votadini lands, there is nothing she will not stoop to in order to break her rival.

To make matters worse, she has even taken control of  the Brigante capitol, Stanwick.

The Albion Chronicles

Story facts

Coming soon

Be Careful What You Wish For

Work in progress, expected release date 2018/19

Story facts

Wishes may be made in earnest to the Gods into the air

But only those who make the journey to the Brownies rocky lair

Stand a chance at ever truly

Knowing their dreams to be fulfilled

But nothing in this life comes easy; nothing in this life comes free

Choose your wishes oh so carefully; be sure it’s what you want to see

For once they’re said nothing can change them

Like a contract bound in steel

Beware this thing you want the most though, beware of what the cost will be.

It’s not as simple as a wish seems; for nothing in this life comes free.

The Girl of Two Worlds  


Moving through time causes the same kind of ripples that moving through water does. A body can be traced, but a mind cannot.

Kariss must not get caught, she is the gods only hope, and there is so much to be done. The Romans are looking to return. They must not get the chance to defeat the tribes and bring back their foreign deities.

When you are the gods only hope, you must learn to trust them beyond all doubt.

Even when all appears lost.

The Demon of St Peters

The Demon of St Peters began life as a series of bog posts.  There are now plans to develop the story into a children’s book.

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~ However long it takes ~

Centuries have passed since the jet necklace was made and imbued with a magical calming spell capable of stopping even the strongest hate and hostility.

Oonagh is forced to flee the invading Vikings, hiding the necklace from them as she runs. With everyone she knows dead, she builds a new life far away from the troubles.

When an act of ultimate betrayal brings the past crashing back, her daughter Bethoc, must return to her mother’s homeland and try to retrieve the necklace before it is too late.

The Jet Necklace

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